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A place for chiropractic educators to engage in research and the scholarship of discovery, integration, application, teaching, and engagement.

Does it cost to be a member?

·         Membership is free. Yes, you read that right. Free.

Who can be a member?

·         Anyone who is involved in chiropractic or health professions education is welcome. This includes faculty, staff, and administrators of a chiropractic degree program, those who are teaching in chiropractic clinical, residency, or postgraduate programs, and those associated with teaching and assessment in chiropractic programs or education. Educators, faculty, and staff of health profession degree granting programs, such as naturopathy, acupuncutre and Oriental medicine, and massage, are also welcome to join as members.  If you are not sure, please ask.

Can someone who is not a chiropractor join as a member?

·         Yes, absolutely. You do not have to have a chiropractic degree. If you are involved in education (as described above) you may be a member.

Can chiropractic students become members?

·         CERF was created to be a place for educators to discuss issues. Therefore, due to the nature of the content, undergraduate chiropractic students, or any other students, are not allowed to become CERF members.

Can I sign up or post anonymously?

·         We value transparency and accountability. Therefore, anonymous posts are not allowed. Comments are only allowed by members and are not available to the public.

Does CERF have communication guidelines?

·         Yes, we use netiquette rules. CERF communication guidelines are posted on the Forum page and also located here. CERF is meant to be a safe environment and we rely on members to keep it respectful and collegial. If a member notices a post that is offensive or goes against the guidelines, please contact the CERF administrator.

Can I re-post CERF content elsewhere?

·         We ask that content is kept within CERF to maintain a safe and collegial environment. If you feel you would like to share content outside of CERF, please get permission from the person who owns the information or who made the statement. We ask that members follow CERF communication guidelines.

As a member, will everything be free?

·         This is a voluntary organization and we are doing our best to keep costs down and make most activities free. However, some events may charge a nominal fee in order to cover costs for the event. Any event that has a fee will have this clearly posted in advance and any fee will be kept as low as possible.  

Is CERF associated with a political, academic, or regulatory organization?

·         CERF was created to be a neutral place for chiropractic educators to collaborate throughout the world. Therefore, CERF is not owned or directed by any political, academic, or regulatory organization. CERF is managed by Brighthall.

What is Brighthall?

·         Brighthall is a company owned by Drs. Claire Johnson and Bart Green. Brighthall’s mission is to provide excellent consultation services relating to research, learning, and clinical care. Dr. Johnson has served as a scientific peer review chair for over 20 years and is a scientific journal editor. Dr. Green is the current Editor in Chief of the Journal of Chiropractic Education.

Do CERF Board members, administration, or Brighthall make money from CERF?

·         No. We are working voluntarily. Brighthall is donating funds and administrative services to provide this forum service for the betterment of the chiropractic profession.

If I decide to no longer be a member, can I leave?

·         Yes. Just let the administrator know and your information will be removed from the membership list, website, and anywhere in the CERF membership data. Any previous posts you have made to the site, however, will remain.

Do I really need to include a photo of myself when I sign up to be a member?

·         Yes. A photo contributes to the professional, collaborative and friendly environment and helps to confirm your identity. Faculty, administrators, staff, and clinical educators, are expected to have identification portrait photos for their institutions, so a photo is a reasonable expectation for all CERF members. A picture of your dog or cat, cartoon, or anything or anyone who is not you, does not qualify as a photo of you. The portrait photo must be of your face and of reasonable quality so that someone can identify you. 

How can I control email notifications about Forum posts?

·         Sign in and go to the Forum page. Click “Subscribe to forum” if you want to receive notifications that someone has posted to the conversation.

What other controls do I have as a member?

·         Log in, then click on your name. From your membership page, you have control over your profile, privacy, email subscriptions, and event registrations.

What if I have an idea, suggestion, or complaint for CERF?

·         Please contact the CERF administrator by email. We would appreciate hearing from you. Contact information is here


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